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Drop it like it's hot and jump into body-slimming benefits with each and every one of the enclosed 28 weight loss packets. This waist-trimming cocktail mixes-in all of the necessary ingredients you need to safely drop unwanted pounds faster - giving you visible, long-lasting, body-loving results.

All Natural Weightloss

    • 7-Keto DHEA: Metabolism boosting & Fat Burning powerhouse. Helps improve lean body mass, aids in fat metabolization.

    • Green Coffee Bean Extract: Uses chlorogenic acid to help burn unwanted fat for energy. 

    • Extra Strength Tonalin CLA: Conjugate Linoleic Acid. Keeps remaining fat cells from getting bigger.

      NOTE: Fat that your body does not use for energy is absorbed into fat cells with the aid of the enzyme lipoprotein lipase. CLA blocks this enzyme and sends the unabsorbed fat to muscle cells. This promotes fat loss. 

    • Appetite Appeaser & Suppressant: Works via stabilizing blood sugar levels to keep hunger to a minimum.

    • Raspberry Ketones: Enables your body to burn fat easier. Raspberry Ketones Influence a hormone called Adiponectin that increase the rate of fat metabolization.
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